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Блокировка KAM Diffs для Suzuki Jimny Samurai SJ413 задняя

100 000 руб.

Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Jimny Rear Diff locker

New Activating mechanism
It is electrically controlled via a switch within the vehicle cab, which operates a solenoid in the diff case. Unlike our old version it does not require an activating box to be fitted on top of the axle tube. This new designed operating system is internally fitted to the diff pan and has no external parts to foul the exhaust or braking system. You will have all the parts supplied in the kit to do the job completely.The principle of the locker is that the old diff pan is removed and replaced with a new removable one. You will have to be able to weld the new mounting ring in place.

Cut off old pan Grind flat Weld on ring

It takes around 2 hours once you have the axle stripped and prepared

The diff cover that fits on to the mounting ring is made from Aluminium and is 8 mm thick and is stronger than the original steel one.
Suzuki shafts Wheel bearing kit Locker switches

New Design Benefits
1) Less expensive than ARB.
2) Activator mechanism internal to axle diff pan.
3) Easy set up, adjustment, inspection and serviceable.
4) Easier fitment to axle either production line or retro fit.
5) Still uses same well proven locking mechanism. (Sliding dog gear).
6) Improved operation and quicker differential lock in control.
7) Push button operation. (With integral operation warning lamp).
8) Comes with KAM strengthened half shafts and wheel bearing kit.Aluminium diff guard Solenoid and fork Locking dog
Price Patented New KAM Locker Locking System
Model Completion Date Price
SJ410, Sold Out £/////// +VAT retail kit. inc HD Half Shafts Rear only
Samurai, SJ413 in stock £549 +VAT retail kit. inc HD Half Shafts Rear only
Jimny in stock £525 +VAT retail kit. inc HD Half Shafts Rear only
Vitara 2012 £525 +VAT retail kit. inc HD Half Shafts Rear only
Front lockers available August 2010KAM Suzuki Shafts
Rear Shafts Samurai, SJ413 £142 each + VATSJ410 n/a
New Aerospace grade material Suzuki ShaftsThree stage process heat treatment, Shot peening + Cryogenic treatmentWarranty on shafts subject to tyre sizeFront Shafts August 2010
Wheel bearing, spacer, oil seal kits £20,00 + VAT retailFront lockers, Shaft and CV Conversion under development.
Please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the list of customers awaiting production.Shipping Cost Diff Locker
Mainland UK Approx £15 15 .5 kg in weight for shipping
Europe Approx £24.50 15 .5 kg in weight for shipping

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