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Дифференциал LSD G-Trac Sports 6001-7R для Suzuki Jimny JB23 JB33 JB43 задний

75 000 руб.
Вес продукта: 10 кг

Дифференциал G-Trac Sports LSD 6001-7R для Suzuki Jimny JB23 JB33 JB43 задний

Product Name: G-TRAC SPORTS L.S.D. (for the rear)
Conform: Suzuki Jimny JB23 JB33 JB43
Product number: 6001-7R
Fast Dirt from winding, the next generation LSD "G-TRAC SPORTS" of ultra-low initial torque was born in order to run the highway more sporty new appearance!
Reduce the idling of the in-side tire during cornering, to convey the power of the Jimny firmly on the road in Los Angeles without wheels, you will be sporty and stable traction traveling. Dream of attachment to the AT car had given up the sport running by LSD fitted ever be realized!
[The main features of the G-TRAC SPORTS L.S.D.]
Mountain road stable traction by (winding) and high-speed dirt more in such sporty!
- Such as rain driving on snow-covered road and highway μ eliminate fluctuations in the μ low road surface, premium travel feeling up a notch.
Ultra-low initial torque (1) in order to generate from the outside by the coil spring, the accelerator on, garage, etc. from the behavior change is small town riding in off, there is no dragging feeling when crosscut.
· Since the coil spring is always controlled by the stroke keep plates, not completely close contact state as the cone-plate type, economic wear, I can use without overhaul without is settling of the clutch plate. Reliability and durability is excellent.
Gear cold precision forging of heart. The oil-through coolant system adopted by the use by cutting the chrome molybdenum steel in the differential case. This is quite a stable performance can be maintained more efficient oil lubrication.
(1) even when the initial torque is not moving differential is torque suffering from the beginning to move faster element. Setting high initial torque stronger effect can be obtained in a rough road, but turning is poor become snapping sound (chattering noise) may occur.
[Especially recommended for those of this Jimny ride! ]
I usually used in such city riding and commuting, also recommended for anyone who wants winding forest road and on weekends, running the dirt, such as are used in a wide range of the Jimny stage.
Studless tire and winter wearing, making it ideal for those who travel, such as snow often.
Off the road course and is especially suited to the competition, such as dirt sports driving (Jimny Nagano Dart endurance series, etc.) and Larry.
Ideal for MT car of course AT car!
Recommended for LSD off loader to compete in off-road vehicle travel and trial competition "G-TRAC PROFESSIONAL"
LSD can be mounted only towards the pro shop and professional grade of wearing experience. Please refrain from mounting operation of the general public. Professional tools and service manual is required.

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