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Проставка кардана SDT-DS для Suzuki Jimny Samurai Escudo

3 000 руб.
Вес продукта: 2 кг

Проставка кардана SDT-DS для Suzuki Jimny Samurai Escudo

Product NamePrice
3/4" for 86-89-SDT-001 $24.50
1" for 86-89-SDT-002 $24.50
1 1/4" for 86-89-SDT-003 $24.50
3/4" for 90-95-SDT-004 $24.50
1" for 90-95-SDT-005 $24.50
1 1/4" for 90-95-SDT-006 $24.50

Adding lift to your Samurai usually over extends the slip yokes on the drive shafts. The easiest and most cost effective fix is adding a drive shaft spacer. Doing so avoids the hassles of making a new drive shaft, which is not only difficult but expensive. The spacer works by attaching between drive shaft flanges. Each kit comes with new bolts, nuts, and lock washers. Unlike other drive shaft spacers on the market, each spacer is double anodized blue for superior corrosion resistance. Plus the zinc plated hardware will not rust like other kits using black oxide. Choose from 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4". Specify 86-89 or 90-95.

For Spring over axles we use 3/4" spacers and go up from there. Under 4" of lift generally does not require a spacer.

For YJ swap kits we suggest two 1" spacers up front and a 1" extended slip yoke in the rear.

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