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Блокировка ARB Competition Edition RD99CE для Ford 9" с 35 шлицами задняя

130 000 руб.
Вес продукта: 14 кг

ARB Air Locker Ford 9" 35 Spline RD99CE Competition Edition

Задний дифференциал: Ford 9"
Кол-во шлицов на полуоси: 35
Передаточное число ГП: любое
Кол-во болтов ГП: 10

Подходит для автомобилей:

  • Trophy Trucks
  • Rockcrawlers
  • Desert Race Vehicles
  • Stadium Trucks

Примечание: This 35 spline locker is an aftermarket upgrade. No Ford 9" came from factory with 35 spline axles.
Any and all vehicles listed above will require new 35 spline axles and aftermarket 3rd member!


After successful years of research and development, ARB is excited to release a competition edition 35 spline Ford 9" Air Locker.

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, the RD99CE competition Air Locker has been designed around the requirements of top-flight Ultra4 racing. Each technical advancement addresses a specific concern from teams competing in the world's toughest 4x4 events and is a direct result of testing within these same races.

This Air Locker is for the top-tier racer or the hardcore enthusiast who demands the best equipment for their vehicles. Everyone can benefit from the research and development ARB has committed to the competitive racing circuits.


  • 290% increased case strength
  • Deeper clutch gear engagement
  • Built to handle misalignment in steeply offset axle housings
  • Improved internal oiling
  • Ring gear bolt locking mechanism
  • Designed to integrate with load-bolt equipped drop-outs
  • Pre-loaded internal gears
  • Forged gear set
  • Carrier bearings included in installation kit
  • Manufactured and assembled in Australia
  • 5 Year Warranty


Among the many new design features is an integrated ring gear bolt locking system engineered to prevent the backing out of Ford 9” ‘Trac-Loc’ bolts.

Fully reusable and able to resist the high torque loads applied to bolt removal, the locking tabs are designed for disassembly and reassembly for fast pit work on ring gear swaps compared to all other bolt locking systems.

Key to the design is the ability to oppose the adverse effects of axle shaft eccentricity caused by typical steering joints, thereby overcoming a common problem with front applications where the differential is offset too far toward one wheel.

Achieving new levels of load, wear and impact resistance, the RD99CE case is 290% stronger overall compared to standard lockers. Designed with deeper locking engagement, the RD99CE ensures locking functionality is retained even after sustaining significant clutch gear tooth damage from locking under throttle.

Engineered with improved internal lubrication, the RD99CE Air Locker also caters for the use of load bolts (sometimes known as pegging)


ARB has a reputation for quality and is committed to supporting their products. From July 2013 moving forward, all Air Lockers sold are now supported by a 5 year warranty free from defects in materials and workmanship, increasing from the previous 2 year coverage.

The RD99CE carries the new, standard 5 year warranty. While this product was designed to withstand the demands of competition racing, the use of this, or any Air Locker, in competition voids the warranty due to the severe and unpredictable nature of racing.

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