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Проводка для подключения блокировки Toyota E-locker Wiring Harness

20 000 руб.

If you are installing a Toyota electric-locking differential in your own axle, the E-Locker Wiring Harness is a great solution to the wiring. The actuator on the Toyota E-locker uses a switched motor, which prevents simple wiring. Using a set of relays, our harness will simply operate the E-Locker by the push of a switch. Our harness plugs directly into your E-Locker, preventing the need for any additional wiring connections. This harness is completely pre-wired, comes standard with a Carling Rocker Switch (like ARB) and is covered with expanded sleeve and corrugated loom for protection. Installation is a very simple and the harness is custom tailored to your wheelbase, selected axle, and battery location.

The following options can be added to this harness:

  • An indicator of the differential’s lock position, built into the switch or a separate LED indicator
  • An indicator of the differential’s lock position, using the OEM light in the instrument cluster, Tacoma and 3rd generation 4Runner (please call)
  • The use of an OEM Toyota Differential Locking switch

This product is built per order, please allow 1-2 weeks for order completion.

Notice when ordering: Please include the following information in the “Order Notes” box when placing your order:

From Elocker Donor Vehicle:

  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Indicate front or rear locker (when applicable)

From Your Vehicle:

  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Indicate locker location, front or rear
  • Battery location (if in engine bay, indicate R or L side)
  • Indicate any major wheelbase changes (over 2”)
  • Indicate any suspension lift over 2”

Please call or email for custom applications.

Important: In its original application, Toyota uses a computer to control the operation of the E-Locker. In this system, various inputs are used to control differential operation, such as 4WD mode and vehicle speed. This computer-controlled system is designed for operator safety and differential reliability. When using the E-Locker Wiring Harness, the operator is given full control of the locker operation. This makes the driver responsible for judging the appropriate timing of E-Locker operation.

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