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Шестерни понижающие РК 3.0 72% Trail-Creeper 306554-3-KIT для Suzuki Escudo Vitara

50 000 руб.
Вес продукта: 5 кг

Шестерни понижающие РК 3.0 72% Trail-Creeper 306554-3-KIT для Suzuki Escudo Vitara

If you want to get the most out of your 1991-2001 Sidekick, Tracker, X-90, or Vitara, you are going to need lower gears. While these vehicles are well rounded off-road machines right off of the assembly line, their paltry 1.8:1 low range is sorely lacking.  There is simply nothing worse than hitting the trail and not having enough power to push your oversized tires.

If our Trail-Creeper 4.24:1 T-Case Gears are too low for your application, our 3:1 gears are exactly what you need. Trail-creeper 3:1 T-case gears are constructed out of high quality materials for superior strength and to take the punishment that any trail has to offer. These gears provide a 72% low range reduction from the stock 1.8:1 gears giving you the power and control needed to conquer the most difficult of obstacles. The Trail-Creeper 3:1 T-Case Gears also include Trail-Safe input and output seals. Unlike Samurai gears, Sidekick t-case reduction gears have no affect on the high range ratio.

Why buy Trail-Gear 3:1 Gears?

  • High Quality Materials
  • Precision fitting spline fit for long life
  • 72% gear reduction for more power and control on the trail

A full-color set of instructions is also included in this kit! This is the only full set of instructions out there on the market for the 3.0 gears.

Note: Clearancing inside your t-case is required for installation


  • Made out of Japanese SCM415 alloy for its great strength and wear resistance
  • SCM415 outperforms the 8620 material in yield and ultimate tensile strength
  • High Quality Materials
  • Precision fitting spline fit for long life
  • 72% low range gear reduction for more power and control on the trail
  • Includes Trail-Safe input and output seals
  • New thrust washer provided

            Подходит для автомобилей:

            • 1991-1998 Suzuki Sidekick 4WD
            • 1991-2001 Geo Tracker 4WD
            • 1991-2001 Chevy Tracker 4WD
            • 1995-1997 Suzuki X90 4WD
            • 1999-2001 Suzuki Vitara 4WD

            Подробная инструкция по установке в pdf: https://trail-gear.com/downloads/pdf/instructions/302893-3-INS.pdf

            Есть в наличии в Москве и во Владивостоке.

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